Stretch your muscles, not your staff


You build experiences where people come together to sweat, connect, and be inspired. Administrative work like answering phone calls can distract from the consistent in-studio experience you want to create.

Sasha is a team-player, eager to help you and your staff provide the best experience for your clients. She is available 24/7, is capable of learning your business and remembers your clients' preferences.

She is also the only conversational AI that supports class-based businesses and integrates into your booking software (high five).

Never miss a call again

On average, 15% of our bookings were from first time clients

Sell more memberships

Boost your revenue by 30%+ with workflows that support your sales process

Build stronger relationships

A personalized client experience that will lead to better retention and relationships

Featured Customer

Sensory Fitness Pumped Up Its Exercise Schedule & Customer Service - And Saved $30k a year

There’s a reason Miami-based gym, Sensory Fitness, successfully doubled the size of its exercise space last year. Actually, there are three. First, it created a fresh and exciting product that truly stands-out in the very crowded and competitive Miami market. Second, it transformed its front desk experience using automation and an intelligent assistant to deliver fast, high quality and highly personalized customer service and engagement. Third, it earned the trust, loyalty and repeat business of its customers (largely due to the first and second reasons….)

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