Patient no-shows cost group practices more than $100 billion per year*

The average rate of no-shows for dental practices is 10%. 67% of clients hang up the phone out of frustration if they are directed to voicemail. Meanwhile, text messages have an open rate of 99-100%. Here lies an opportunity. What if dental practices used smart text messaging? Not a simple chatbot—but advanced artificial intelligence that can remember patients six months after the initial “hello.” We use artificial intelligence to ensure you don’t lose revenue. As soon as a patient cancels, we reschedule, so that you aren’t staffing empty chairs. It requires absolutely no effort on your part.

That is power. That is Frontdesk AI.

Save money and provide your patients with an extraordinary experience—around the clock

Imagine a world where your patients are never on hold and you never ask them to punch numbers on a telephone or leave a message. Where a patient with a broken crown can schedule an appointment at midnight—without having to call your service.

And it costs a couple of dollars.

Meet Sasha, one of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence agents. She responds to phone calls and texts instantly. She books appointments, but she can also grant special requests or convey pre-visit instructions.

That is now. That is Frontdesk AI.

Sasha knows every patient isn’t the same

She tracks individual patient preferences and factors that into your scheduling. Does one patient need extra time for gas? No problem. Sasha knows that one of your hygienists can’t be booked on Tuesdays, and not to schedule a 5-year-old late in the day, when he is tired and irritable. Sasha can customize your appointment reminders. If a patient has to take an antibiotic prior to the visit, she is sure to let him know. With Sasha’s help, you’re able to remember every detail about your patients. Every single time, you’re at the top of your game.

Our conversations are always tailored to your brand “voice”

Whether you sound and feel like this:
Thank you, Mr. Barker. We truly appreciate your business. We will see you again on January 2, 2019. If you need anything before then, do not hesitate to contact us.

…or this:

Thanks, Mr. Barker. We’ll see Sarah in 6 months. If she has a favorite movie, let us know and we’ll have it queued up on our DVD. If you need anything before then, just reach out.

Sasha can even handle the most difficult conversations

Managing time is tricky—especially when it comes to explaining patient benefits. Sasha does all the heavy lifting for you. She understands that networks have multiple plans and eligibility isn’t cookie cutter. Sasha knows each patient’s insurance plan, so she can explain what is and isn’t covered. She sends them forms in advance and can process their payments—so you don’t have to deal with reimbursement. Sasha takes the time to explain all of the details so that your patients aren’t surprised when they arrive, and conversations at the front desk run smoothly.

We only charge when a patient books an appointment

We don’t charge by the number of minutes. There are no licensing fees for our software. No hidden costs for set-up. Our pricing is entirely performance-based. You only pay for revenue-generating transactions.