How it works

You’re still a small business, but now you’re infinitely scalable

Instead of repeating a bunch of telephone prompts or promising a return phone call, Sasha responds to your customers instantly, via text. Sasha is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence assistants in the world, built specifically for small businesses.

Sasha makes you more responsive, intuitive and proactive

Sasha answers any customer question, in your tone and style. While you’re focusing on your customers, Sasha is working in the background, compiling a list of every booked, changed or cancelled appointment. This information instantly appears in your booking software or Google calendar. Even better, Sasha can fill last-minute cancellations, so you don’t lose money. If there is a question she can’t answer, we have a full team of agents Sasha can tap into-around the clock. Unlike traditional chatbots, Sasha remembers everything about your customers’ preferences. With each conversation, she becomes more capable and intuitive, building expertise around your business.

Now, nothing slips through the cracks

If there is any customer call (mobile or landline) that needs your personal attention, Sasha will instantly notify you via text and/or email. So same-day changes to the schedule, irritated customers, or urgent requests won’t slip through the cracks. Sasha will also alert you if your customer never responded to a text. And no need to pay extra for voicemail—Sasha does this for you.

Sasha not only helps you keep business—she grows it

And if that isn’t enough, Sasha is your biggest promoter. She can target specific customers with special offers or introduce them to new services. While your customers are getting white-glove service, your team can focus on what they do best.

Sasha requires no effort—ever

Best of all, there is nothing new to learn, nothing extra to do. Just run your business the way you always do—but better.

Because no one should have to work hard to make work simple.

It’s all in the details.