The Support You've Been Craving

Three Steps to Peace of Mind


Tell us about your business

Share booking policies, your brand voice, answers to FAQs.


Forward missed calls

Setup call forwarding and install your Web Chat so Sasha can start helping!


Sync with booking software

Grant Sasha access to your booking software so she can keep it updated.

Sasha can handle any scenario your business needs

Live Dashboard

You might be curious about the conversations we’re handling. With our live dashboard, grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch Sasha deliver amazing customer service.

Web Chat

Your website is the virtual front door of your business. Is there someone there to greet them? Our web chat feature gives your customer service no matter where they are.

Collect Payment Info

We send a secure link collecting payment information within your booking platform. Capturing payment when your customers are ready to buy.

Custom Booking Instructions

Ask new clients specific questions prior to booking an appointment so you can ensure clients schedule what works best for them.

Custom Greeting

Ask specific questions and gather info about your clients, such as location or referral source, prior to further engagement via chat.

Text-based Outreach

Have a promotion you’re running? Send up to 1,000 custom promotional text messages to a targeted set of clients, with automated follow-up.

Delegate front desk tasks to your new assistant

Available 24/7 and handles any number of incoming calls all at once, with a personalized experience for returning clients

  • Manage appointments and class registrations
    Simple and complex (multiple services and people)
  • Scheduling customizations
    1,000’s of customizations available to fit your business
  • Handle common scenarios 
    Running late, Appointment and Class availability, etc.
  • Enforce booking policies
    Reschedule and cancellation windows and fees, etc.

Stay on top of everything

Live Dashboard

Want to see Sasha in action? Open your live dashboard and watch Sasha handle conversations like a pro.

Daily Reports

Automatically discovers why your customers are calling in. Then sends you a summary email.

Business Account

Monthly reports that can provide insights on your sales flow, operations, and top questions your customers have.

There are no hard questions for Sasha

When Sasha doesn’t have the answer – she works with our AI Trainers to figure it out. That means less staff intervention, more time to focus on you and your business. If both Sasha and our AI Trainer don’t know the answer, she will reach out to the business via text or email to make sure she gets it right. Once she gets the answer, she knows it and will use the response moving forward. You won’t have to tell her twice. A life-long learner that will never quit on you.

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