It’s all in the Details

IT folks, here’s how it works

We’ve designed powerful AI technologies and a proprietary database of B2C natural language interactions. For our clients, this repository becomes a valuable source of information about customer requirements, customer preferences and service usage patterns. Over time, we can spot geographic, demographic or industry-wide trends. We share this with our small business clients so they can be more nimble and anticipate and react to changes within their marketplace.

Why is our AI better?

What separates traditional chatbots from conversational AI? The key is the machine’s ability to continuously learn about human behavior when it converses with people or when it is confronted with new, “unscripted”  situations. The AI must also understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of human dialogue (different colloquialisms, slang, etc.).

Most importantly, it has to demonstrate human empathy. To do this, we introduce human trainers into the loop. So there is always a second layer of intelligence—around the clock. These human trainers also “groom” the AI so that it speaks in the same style and tone of the brand. With each text, the AI becomes more and more independent, building knowledge and experience from thousands of conversations.

By tapping into the AI graph that we’ve built, each AI assistant is an industry expert, from Day 1. Within a matter of weeks, it builds its expertise around the particular business (brand voice, employees, operations, payment rules, etc.).

How easy is it to run on our server? What kind of stress will it create?

We don’t need to run anything on your server. Period. We simply access business data (employee names, pricing, schedules) via the APIs that you provide to us. The number of API calls we make depends on the number of phone calls we handle for your business. And we don’t want to barrage you with API calls, so we go to great lengths to optimize our queries. Our goal is to become “invisible.” Because simplifying work should not be difficult—otherwise, what’s the point?

No need to play tech support

We know you don’t have time to babysit your vendors or support their products. We are responsible for the entire technical integration (typically this takes one day). We clean and organize all the data, and we provide ongoing support, around the clock. No premium pricing—this is the service that we provide to every single one of our customers.


All communications to and from our servers are secure. Access to data via APIs always requires strict levels of authorization. We are not in the business of selling or sharing any AI-usage or customer data with third parties, for any reason.