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Missed calls never happen

People are waiting at the front desk. You’re busy with clients. A new customer walks-in, looking for the first available haircut. But you’re not concerned because Sasha is handling everything for you.

Meet Sasha, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence assistants, created just for small businesses. Sasha makes sure that you never miss a call again. Customers get unlimited attention, questions are answered, requests are granted. Appointments immediately appear in your booking software or Google calendar. Simple as that.

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks

There are lots of tasks that are simple, but you still have to tackle them—day in and day out. Callers ask if you provide a particular service, if you’re open late, if someone is available, whether you have any cancellations. This takes time and can distract you from the clients you’re working with. We take care of all of those tasks for you, so that you can focus on the things that matter.

We optimize your schedule

Forget having to call dozens of telephone numbers to remind clients about their appointments. Sasha does that for you. And as soon as a client cancels, she reschedules so you don’t have vacant time slots. Sasha can handle a variety of workflows—whether that means booking Groupon promotions, parallel appointments, collecting credit card information in advance of appointments or managing different cancellation policies. Sasha also handles all pre-appointment instructions for customers. Is an employee running late, while your customer waits outside a locked door? Sasha can immediately alert you or your employees via text or email. Are you plagued by sales calls—Sasha can screen those for you so you don’t have to pick up the phone.

Setup and maintenance requires no effort

You weren’t trained to do tech support, nor should you have to. We can set up within a single day, so we don’t interrupt your business. Yes—you heard us right. One day.

We’re the “best” version of you

We understand that people call in sick. Or forget details when they’re rushed. Or let’s face it, they may just be having a bad day. We are the second pair of hands, the attentive ear, the sympathetic voice—and we’ve got an endless amount of time to make sure that your clients’ questions are answered and they’re delighted with the attention they receive. Best of all, we can scale to whatever size team you need. We are capable of servicing 2, 5, 15 clients at the same time. Our job is to make you look good.

We know that there isn’t a “standard” customer

Some clients are always late. Others have special situations—which requires additional time. Trying to correct hair color gone bad? It might take an extra 30 minutes, depending upon what you’re dealing with. Sasha can ask those questions up front, so that appointments are booked intelligently. If a client asks a question she has never heard before, a human AI trainer is available to answer that question, around the clock. This information is shared with Sasha, so she can answer the question the next time. She also remembers which times your clients prefer—and who they like to see. Sasha memorizes all of those little details, six months after the initial “hello.”

Our conversations are always tailored to your brand ‘voice’

Your business is you. And you have a personality—a particular style, a unique voice that sets you apart. We know that is important, so we teach Sasha to talk just like you would.
She can sound like this:

Thank you, Ms. Cotton. We truly appreciate your business. We will see you again on January 2. If you need anything before then, do not hesitate to contact us.

or this…

Thanks, Cindy. We’ll see you in 6 weeks. If you’re ready for summer highlights, let us know. We can add an extra 30 minutes to your appointment without a problem.

Because it’s all in the details.


Here’s what I understand about Chicagoland Northshore. People call around. They’re impulsive. They want the best deal. They have a lot of choices. So when they call and they don’t get someone, guess what-they’re not calling back. Today we had six transactions before 9 a.m. and Frontdesk AI handled those calls. We would have missed all of them. I’m happy, even though no one is answering the phone in our salon. Because I know it will be handled better. We get so frazzled on our end because we’re so busy. We save $3,000 a month. That was a huge move.

But what goes even further is their customer service and how they’re interacting with our clients, through text. Clients think it is me, and they’re complimenting ME. I’ll get messages saying, “This texting is awesome! Thanks, Tim, my day is so busy!” “OK…that wasn’t me. But was it convenient for you?” I ask. “Oh my gosh! It was 4 a.m. and you answered!”

Setup was easy. We didn’t have to do anything.

–– Taylor Noel, manager of Peace of Mind Massage, Denver