The Power Behind FrontdeskAI

The most powerful AI to automate front desk communications:

  • Handle customer requests and inquiries
  • Coordinates with staff and business owner when needed
  • Summarize calls and recommend calls-to-action

Accomplish all these through remarkably human-like, but AI-powered natural language conversations

A comprehensive range of triggers and outcomes

Unlike any virtual assistant on the market, FrontdeskAI’s virtual assistant Sasha is not only there to help guests, but can also engage with staff at the business to get things done.

Here are the various guest and business-facing triggers or scenarios where Sasha can help.

From Guests

  • Missed call
  • Voicemail
  • Text
  • Web Chat
  • In-app Chat
  • Response to Marketing Messages
  • Response to Promotions
  • Response to Appointment Reminders
  • Response to Re-appointment Messages
  • After Checking-out

From Staff

  • Text
  • Email
  • In-app Chat
  • Booking / Reschedule / Cancellation
  • Appointment Request
  • Membership Request
  • Membership Suspension or Cancellation Request
  • Signed up for Class
  • Unable to Sign up
  • Provided Info
  • Guest Running Late
  • Guest Stuck Outside
  • Happy Guest
  • Unhappy Guest
  • Unresponsive
  • Went Quiet
  • Conversation Active
  • Conversation Handled

FrontdeskAI vs Chatbots

Chatbots today are built using one of two approaches – those built with finite state dialog systems or ones built using retrieval-based systems. Chatbots built with the former are often single-initiative and brittle and most importantly don’t scale. Chatbots built with the latter often result in poor task completion and are limited to shallow conversations (think ‘what’s the capital of Alaska’ or ‘where’s the nearest hotel’).

FrontdeskAI takes a radically different approach to conversational AI and has built the world’s first virtual assistant, which can not only have deep and contextual conversations, but also answer your guests’ most frequently asked questions!

Here are a few things that make FrontdeskAI different and valuable to local businesses.

The only complete virtual assistant

Preserves a human touch


  • Poor guest experience when tree does not cover your scenario
  • Start follow-up workload grows


  • Allows guests to initiate and drive the conversation by
    asking “How can I help you?” (instead of a menu)

Simple to on-board, use, and teach over time

Instant, self-service on-boarding (less than 30 min!). Configure and customize easily and instantly, all via text or email. Teach or instruct Sasha with a simple text or email

Leading solution, with the most experience

Building a reliable, AI-based service requires large volumes of data and training. Sasha has been built and trained on over 1 million data points and we’re just getting started. Where and when Sasha helps also matters. Sasha was also the first to respond to missed calls via text and can help in any other high-traffic channel.

Most powerful AI for web chat automation

By launching Sasha via Web Chat, you’re able to embody the best of your staff and engage visitors and provide information and answer questions before booking,
purchases, etc.


Conversations handled


Revenue booked


Hours staff time saved

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