Why use us?

“Let’s lose customers and money,” said no one, ever

Imagine a business that relies on appointments to generate revenue. Let’s use one example—a dental practice. One study revealed that the average rate of no-shows is 18%. Each day, that amounts to a loss of $725 per day. Or perhaps you own a restaurant. Unfortunately, you know that 20% of diners fail to show up for their reservations. To solve that problem, you could overbook and make your customers wait in the bar. That’s one remedy–but it’s bad hospitality.

We recapture lost revenue, automatically

Average increase in bookings/revenue within
the first few weeks of using Frontdesk AI

Consumers have already transitioned to text messaging

9 out of 10 consumers want to communicate
with companies by text
  • 9 out of 10 consumers want to communicate with brands and companies by text. In fact, messaging is 3-8x preferred over face-to-face communication across all generations
  • According to Nielsen, 67% of people say they will message with businesses more over the next two years, and 53% say they are more likely to shop with a business they can contact via chat
  • Already, Facebook Messenger is hosting over 65 million businesses
  • FranchiseHelp reported that 90% of their leads preferred to be contacted by text rather than by phone
  • 1–800-Flowers found that 70% of their company’s chatbot orders were from first-time customers*

We work with your booking software

We work with many of the major booking platforms. And if we don’t, just tell us what you’re using and we can do a custom integration for you. Or, if you like to keep it simple and you don’t use any software, we can simply connect Sasha to your Google calendar. You aren’t paid to be tech support, nor should you have to.

Why Sasha is the ideal solution for chains

Chains typically use call centers to manage their customer calls, and they’re often charged by the minute, which can become expensive, quick. We don’t charge by the number of minutes. There are no licensing fees for our software. No hidden costs for set-up. Our pricing is entirely performance-based. You only pay for interactions that generate revenue for your business.

We don’t charge by the number of minutes. Our pricing is entirely performance-based. You only pay for revenue-generating transactions.

Operators don’t know your business, your neighborhood or your customers. With Sasha, customer care is consistent, error-free and extremely personalized. She knows each customer’s preferences, even six months after the first “hello.” Sasha can speak in your brand voice and she delivers consistent messaging across all of your locations.

Sasha is your biggest marketer. She can target customers with
specific promotions, tailored to their buying habits—whether that’s a yoga class, a table for two or a routine checkup.

More revenue, happy customers, ridiculously simple. That’s what they’re saying.

“Frontdesk AI is amazing. It is super simple to set up and runs quietly in the background without changing our daily routine. In the first month, Frontdesk AI handled more than 100 customer requests and captured more than $2,800 in revenue for us!”

–– Greice Silva, Salon DnA, San Francisco

“It works flawlessly and is a perfect example of the magic of cutting-edge technology. Brilliant and highly recommended. We just hope our competitors don’t find out about it!”

–– Holden Hinkle, Healing House, Scottsdale

Don’t just take our word for it

If you want to hear more customers talking about us, we’re more than a little proud to share our customer ratings.

*Global study by Twilio; Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report; Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, 2016.