Meet Sasha, your new employee.


We've broken the customer experience and rebuilt it.

Business owners

Imagine a world where lost business is a thing of the past… because there are no missed calls.


With the help of the most advanced artificial intelligence, we have radically changed how businesses serve their customers. Meet Sasha, our virtual assistant. With the help of technology and human experts who are trained in front desk operations, each day she grows smarter and more intuitive. Sasha takes care of your customers, so that you can focus on what you do best.

We've broken the customer experience and rebuilt it.

Business owners

Imagine a world where you’re never put on hold again.


A receptionist no longer holds a finger to your face, silently motioning for you to wait…for just a little bit longer. Imagine what it would be like to talk to someone who remembers your name, what services you use, and your preferred appointment time—six months after the first “hello.”

Don’t call her a chatbot.


We turn transactions into relationships.

Sasha never quits. She’s never sick, and she’s never late. She can handle one client or 50 clients, simultaneously. With Sasha, you’re still a small business with a personal touch, but now you have infinite resources. Sasha is helping you round the clock–building deeper, more satisfying relationships with your customers, while you focus on what matters most.

Imagine making your employees happier, more satisfied...

…where every day they can hand over the most repetitive, monotonous tasks and are free to focus their attention on the things that matter most.  And after the day is done, what would it feel like to turn your phone off, knowing that we are servicing your customers, while you sleep?

That is the world we imagined. And it is now. 

This is Frontdesk AI.

We are freeing people from the tedium of routine tasks to focus on what matters most—their customers

Using artificial intelligence, we are thrashing old assumptions about helping people. We have elevated conversations between businesses and customers so they become more personal, more timely, more engaging and far, far simpler. Your employees can focus on what matters—making people happy. But we’re not stopping at customer satisfaction. Sasha makes businesses more profitable, more scalable and more nimble than they ever imagined possible.

Average increase in bookings/revenue within
the first few weeks of using Frontdesk AI

It is time to democratize AI so that it is affordable and accessible to everyone—particularly small business.

It is our heartfelt belief that everyone should benefit from the power of artificial intelligence. So we’ve dedicated our life’s work to making sure that it is simple to use, affordable and within everyone’s reach. That’s the world we imagine. That is the world we have built.